Is Health Insurance Worth It?

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A natural concern for anyone thinking of taking out a private health insurance policy is whether or not it is worth it. Presently 10% of the population (around four and a quarter million people) choose private health insurance and more then one million operations are carried out annually in the private sector. You may find that you decide that it is worth the expense when you consider the many benefits that health insurance offers.

There are many advantages to having health insurance, not least of these advantages is peace of mind for both yourself and your family. If you find yourself in need of expert medical advice or treatment you will be able to choose your consultant and where you would like to be treated. You will be seen as soon as possible without the stress of a waiting list. There would not be any medical students observing your consultations and you can be sure that you would be referred to experts swiftly, if and when necessary, in the field of medicine that you require.

In the case of hospitalisation you will normally have the convenient choice of a hospital located near your home. You can expect the utmost in personal care, usually with one- one nursing in the comfort of a private, ensuite room. Also you will have the option of unrestricted visiting hours to assist your relatives and friends. You will have the added reassurance of professional after care, likely with the same consultant throughout, as you recover from your treatment.

A common concern is whether it these benefits make it worth the cost when measured against free treatment on the NHS. Private health insurance could offer you peace of mind, a high level of expert medical care, a personal touch and it might turn out to be more affordable than commonly believed.

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