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Is Health Insurance Worth It?

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A natural concern for anyone thinking of taking out a private health insurance policy is whether or not it is worth it. Presently 10% of the population (around four and a quarter million people) choose private health insurance and more then one million operations are carried out annually in the private sector. You may find that you decide that it is worth the expense when you consider the many benefits that health insurance offers.

There are many advantages to having health insurance, not least of these advantages is peace of mind for both yourself and your family. If you find yourself in need of expert medical advice or treatment you will be able to choose your consultant and where you would like to be treated. You will be seen as soon as possible without the stress of a waiting list. There would not be any medical students observing your consultations and you can be sure that you would be referred to experts swiftly, if and when necessary, in the field of medicine that you require.

In the case of hospitalisation you will normally have the convenient choice of a hospital located near your home. You can expect the utmost in personal care, usually with one- one nursing in the comfort of a private, ensuite room. Also you will have the option of unrestricted visiting hours to assist your relatives and friends. You will have the added reassurance of professional after care, likely with the same consultant throughout, as you recover from your treatment.

A common concern is whether it these benefits make it worth the cost when measured against free treatment on the NHS. Private health insurance could offer you peace of mind, a high level of expert medical care, a personal touch and it might turn out to be more affordable than commonly believed.

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What Factors Affect Private Health Insurance Premiums?

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Please note that with any new PMI (Private Medical Insurance) policy any pre-existing conditions will generally be excluded from cover. Any new conditions developed since the policy start date will be eligible. If you currently hold a PMI policy you may be able to transfer your policy (“switch”) to another provider and continue the same cover provided you meet the right criteria for the insurer.

As there is a wide range of policies available to suit individual needs and budgets you may be wondering what factors can affect the premiums, should you decide to invest in private health.

Firstly, the price of your premium will reflect the level of cover that you desire – for instance a basic plan with solely in-patient cover would be less expensive than a comprehensive plan covering both in and out-patient treatments.

There are a few health and lifestyle factors that will almost definitely affect the price of a premium to some degree. The first to mention is age; inevitably the older we become the higher the probability is that we need to seek medical advice and treatment for both ill-health and injury.

Another significant factor that influences premiums is smoking/ tobacco use. It is a scientifically proven fact that smokers have an increased risk of ill health, which will often reflect in an inflated insurance cost. The common definition of a ‘smoker’ is anyone who has used tobacco products in the past 12 months.

Certain lifestyle choices can also affect the amount paid for premiums; such as how many units of alcohol you consume, how regularly you exercise and whether or not your BMI (Body Mass Index) is significantly above average. When purchasing a health insurance policy you can expect to be asked about these lifestyle factors; as well as your sex, age, height and weight. The good news is that if you endeavor to make healthy lifestyle choices you should expect to benefit from lower premiums.

Lastly you will more than likely be asked to disclose any pre-existing, historic or family medical conditions when buying a policy. These factors could affect your premium price, although each case is unique and there are many available options to fit individual circumstances.

One handy tip to note if budgeting is an issue for you: health insurance premiums are often cheaper if you choose to pay for them annually, rather than on a monthly basis.

Our advisors can provide a quote based on your particular circumstances and will explain clearly what the policy covers.

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What Conditions Are Excluded From Private Health Insurance?

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If your eyes were drawn to this article then it is possible you have concerns as to whether or not a historic or existing medical condition will impair your ability to take out private health insurance. Perhaps you are wondering if it’s even possible to take out a policy at all if you have existing health issues, or if it is possible then what, specifically, are the conditions that would exclude you from beginning a private health policy?

If you do have a health condition that is deemed serious it may be that you are still eligible to take out a health insurance policy. Depending on the individual circumstances you might be able to take out a policy, although there might be limitations and restrictions placed on treatment for pre-existing conditions. In some cases these conditions could lead to exclusions on the policy. A common protocol is for the specified condition to be excluded for the first two years of the insurance; then if there is no repeat of the condition in that time the insurance policy can be reset.

A pre-existing condition is classified as anything that has affected your health – past or present – at the time the policy is taken out. It is a rule of thumb that certain more serious health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, are classified as pre-existing conditions. Cancer may be excluded altogether, or have stricter limitations; depending on the severity and type of cancer. It is possible that a condition stemming from substance abuse would be excluded, and in some instances certain types of sexually-transmitted diseases would also mean exclusions or limitations. Some policies may impose restrictions on health problems arising from a suicide attempt.

Other exclusions may include aging processes, e.g. puberty and the menopause. Existing fertility issues are unlikely to be covered by your insurance plan. It can be the case that some policies might exclude, or limit treatment for, conditions such as hay fever, high cholesterol or severe asthma.

If any of these health complaints apply to you don’t despair or count out the possibility of private healthcare; a policy could be tailored for you to meet your individual needs and budget.

Our advisors can explain all the options clearly and point out any exclusions that may be applicable to your particular circumstances.

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Best Private Health Insurance

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If you are considering taking out private health insurance you undoubtedly want to find a policy that gives you the best in both service and value for money. If you do fall ill when covered by private health insurance you can expect to avoid lengthy NHS queues as well as the best in medical advice, specialist treatment, high quality facilities, usually a private room and a high standard of after care.

The following insurers have provided reliable policies to their clients for years and gained a secure and trusted reputation. As there are other insurance providers in the UK aside from the following list, it can seem hard to know if you are getting the best option for service and value. Our advisers can give you all the information you need to choose the best private health insurance for you to fit your needs.

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa Health has been one of the most well known trusted insurer for 50 years. Bupa offer different levels of cover available to suit the individual. Policies begin at 98p a day for basic cover. Choose from up to 664 hospitals.

National Friendly Healthcare

A long standing company for 140 years, National Friendly Health care provides reliable comprehensive medical cover starting from £20 a month per child and £40 a month per adult. National Friendly Healthcare was recently voted Best Private Medical Insurance Provider in the UK.


Another well established company which has also been going for 140 years – Medicash has plenty of experience in providing a high standard of health care. It is a popular choice for corporate insurance packages but also offers options for private healthcare. A Medicash Active Personal Health Cash Plan could cost as little as £1.50 per week.

Helpucover Health Insurance

Helpucover offers competitive prices and helpful promotions on their policies. They offer cover for consultation fees – up to £400 per year, hospital care benefits of up to £840. Another bonus offered is 100% refund on annual dental and optician bills of up to £170.

The above list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of other companies offering private healthcare. However the above mentioned companies have developed a reputation for providing a reliable, caring approach for their clients. Our advisors will be able to offer you more informations. Please complete the form for a free, no obligation quote.

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