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Family Health Insurance

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Taking out a family health insurance policy gives you assurance that you and your family will have access to quality medical expert, as well as high quality healthcare facilities, when health issues arise. NHS queues can be sidestepped and you can expect a high level of care in leading UK hospitals. There is a wide variety of plans available – to suit individual needs and a range of budgets.

Even with a basic family health plan your family can be covered for consultations, tests, scans, surgical procedures and inpatient stays. Most plans, even for the lower end of the price range, offer the chance for unlimited visiting hours and a bed (often a private room) for a parent wanting to accompany a child who is an inpatient.

If you want to keep the premiums down as much as possible then there are a few tips to reduce the monthly cost. For instance if you add an excess the premium should decrease; e.g. adding an £250 excess could reduce the price by up to 10%. Another idea to keep the cost down by up to 20% is to choose a 6 week option- where you agree to NHS inpatient treatment should the waiting time be less than 6 weeks. If you select a reduced hospital list (limiting your choice of hospitals to NHS or private wards) you could save money on premiums, but this would inevitably limit the access to specialist hospitals, e.g. paediatrics.

With more comprehensive plans there are additional benefits and choices, and more coverage on outpatient treatments. Your chosen plan would be tailored to suit your family’s needs and income.

As you consider which plan is right for you it is worth bearing in mind that there can be age restrictions for family members, or sometimes a maximum claim – a ceiling price – in place. Also you will need to ensure that the hospitals offered on the plan are conveniently located for you. You would also need to read through the terms and conditions of any plan you are considering, as the benefits differ from plan to plan, as does the excess price.

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