Best Private Health Insurance

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If you are considering taking out private health insurance you undoubtedly want to find a policy that gives you the best in both service and value for money. If you do fall ill when covered by private health insurance you can expect to avoid lengthy NHS queues as well as the best in medical advice, specialist treatment, high quality facilities, usually a private room and a high standard of after care.

The following insurers have provided reliable policies to their clients for years and gained a secure and trusted reputation. As there are other insurance providers in the UK aside from the following list, it can seem hard to know if you are getting the best option for service and value. Our advisers can give you all the information you need to choose the best private health insurance for you to fit your needs.

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa Health has been one of the most well known trusted insurer for 50 years. Bupa offer different levels of cover available to suit the individual. Policies begin at 98p a day for basic cover. Choose from up to 664 hospitals.

National Friendly Healthcare

A long standing company for 140 years, National Friendly Health care provides reliable comprehensive medical cover starting from £20 a month per child and £40 a month per adult. National Friendly Healthcare was recently voted Best Private Medical Insurance Provider in the UK.


Another well established company which has also been going for 140 years – Medicash has plenty of experience in providing a high standard of health care. It is a popular choice for corporate insurance packages but also offers options for private healthcare. A Medicash Active Personal Health Cash Plan could cost as little as £1.50 per week.

Helpucover Health Insurance

Helpucover offers competitive prices and helpful promotions on their policies. They offer cover for consultation fees – up to £400 per year, hospital care benefits of up to £840. Another bonus offered is 100% refund on annual dental and optician bills of up to £170.

The above list is not exhaustive, there are plenty of other companies offering private healthcare. However the above mentioned companies have developed a reputation for providing a reliable, caring approach for their clients. Our advisors will be able to offer you more informations. Please complete the form for a free, no obligation quote.

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